Request for Information – Request for Proposal

We promise not to share your personal information. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Please contact us, if you would like to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. We can do it in 5 minutes using electronic signature.

    Please consider this guideline to improve the RFP process :

    1/Be clear about deadlines for the RFP and for the study : Please be willing to give us the scoop on when you really need it and we’ll be happy to deliver it by then or sooner.

    2/Be transparent : Please let us know how many other companies you’ve invited to respond. If you’re asking another 10, our chance are 10% and we might decide not to participate. Make sens?

    3/Be ethical : if you are contacting us only to get some useful thought starters about your clinical trial and already know you will not be engaging our services, there’s really no need to ask for a proposal.

    4/Be honest : If you only need three competitive bids for “legal reason” but you already decide to engage the services of your sister-in-law, let us know. We’ll send you our “quick” proposal, much less work for us – no negative karma for you

    5/Keep Us Posted: At reasonable intervals, after we have submited our proposal to you, be willing to let us know where things stand. It’s a common courtesy. If your project has been canceled or postponned or still in discussion with your corporate, we’re just an email away. If you decide to do it in house, just give us a holler. It’s work also for budget constraint, boss switch, merging …

    6/Provide Real Closure: You’ve decide that one of our competitors is the perfect fit, and not engage our services. Your choice, no problem. Yes, we will be disappointed, but we’ll move forward an dget over it. For us, bad news is better than none. That’s how we learn and become better at responding to your future requests. Please provide us informations about your choice, why we were not choose (budget, global presence, therapeutic expertise, BD felling …)

    And that’s not all. You get to maintain a positive relationship with POPSICUBE-FOVEA whose services you may want to engage in the future. Thanks.