Sustainable development


We are convinced that preserving our planet is very key. Therefore, we have decided to act at our level and are now are fully committed to promote sustainable development.

Our current CSE policy articulates around the following topics:

Energy consumption & glasshouse gas (CO2)

Since 2014, we use low emission cars with start and go system. 86% of our company cars (mainly for CRA) produce less than 99g of CO2 per kilometer.

Moreover, PopsiCube used environmentally friendly material for the renovation of its headquarters (reversible heating system, LED lighting, environmentally friendly flooring, instant boiler) in view of the reduction of our energy consumption.

Since 2016, Our headquarters use a “green” power supply, guaranteed 100% renewable.

In 2017, we started a global plan to recycle our paper. This generates clear benefits: the paper recycling process creates additional employment, and ensures confidentiality as all documents are shredded under a confidential process and processed through a sorting and recycling process.

In 2020, PopsiCube signed a partnership with EcoTree.

Ecotree is a forest management organization created in 2016, offering individuals and companies the possibility to invest in trees, to support the creation of carbon sinks and biodiversity protection.

In order to associate our customers and partners to our sustainable development commitments, we offer them to indirectly invest in one tree within our partnership with Ecotree every 10 trials visits by our clinical research team.

To date, PopsiCube owns 536 trees.

In December, our trees have absorbed 1 322 kg of CO². Since our very first tree, the total amount of CO² absorbed amounts to 12 383 kg.

Thanks to this partnership, PopsiCube contributes to the creation of carbon sinks and to the protection of the biodiversity.



In 2021, PopsiCube was rated SILVER by Ecovadis for its overall commitment to a more sustainable environment

Ecovadis rates and continually monitors companies’ CSR management and progress while offering tools to drive improvement. It appeared to be critical for us to undergo the Ecovadis validation of our adherence to 21 recognized CSR criteria which follow verifiable international CSR standards.


The other monitored axes of our CSR strategy:


  • Promotion of a sustainable consumption with our clients
  • Employee health & security
  • Working conditions
  • Career and training management
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Information security