Launch of Astrum CRO

8 November 2023

We’re proud and very excited to introduce the brand new CRO, Astrum!
Our strong and established European CRO’s Bioclever, Blueclinical, Pharmalog and Popsicube have
joined forces with the support of Henko Partners to form Astrum, a mid-size pan-European CRO.
Astrum will provide a broad range of end-to-end clinical development services through a dynamic
team of highly skilled professionals. Please learn more about our companies below.
We’re very thankful for our collaboraIons with you over the years and are truly excited about this
milestone. We look forward to embarking on this journey together, providing an expanded offering
with the same high-quality service, agility, delivery, smart innovaIon, and excepIonal client care.
Astrum’s unified internaIonal team brings together more than 25 years of experience and has a
European footprint with over 300 employees that operate across offices in Barcelona, Madrid,
Munich, Paris, Porto, and Toulouse. This is enhanced by a strong and steady network of more than
200 collaborators to support regions not yet covered by Astrum.
AddiIonally, each of our established CROs contribute unique and complementary services to the
Astrum offering. This creates a comprehensive menu of clinical development services, ranging from
a hospital-based Phase I Unit through to Phase IV/NIS trial support. Our new organisaIon will
conInue to prioriIse quality, on-Ime project delivery, transparency, and team spirit, always
putting our clients and the welfare of the trial parIcipants at the forefront.
Our Astrum journey has just begun, and you’re invited to follow us on LinkedIn and visit our
website to learn more.
We very much look forward to embarking on this journey with everyone at Astrum and are excited
to continue working with you!
The Astrum Team