In-Home Trial Support

In-Home and In-Hospital Clinical Trial Services

With Mission-Tec a 100% affiliate of PopsiCube-Fovea company we provide in-home and in-hospital clinical trial services …

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  • Subject-centered services

    • Subjects / patients recruitment and retention
    • Patients’ training and therapeutic education
    • Administration of study questionnaires
    • ePRO, eCOA
    • Home visits
    • Nursing care


  • Support to Investigators

    • Evaluation of patients’ vital signs and demographic data
    • Support to surgeon (mainly for medical device trial)
    • Administration of study drug (infusion, injection, topical or oral)
    • Monitoring of concomitant medications
    • Bio-captors management (ECGs, blood pressure monitors…)
    • Collection and processing of biological specimens (blood, urine, antibodies… / PK & PD)
    • Maintenance of regulatory files
    • CRF and eCRF completion


  • Pharmacy Services

    • Administration of investigational medicinal product(s)
    • Liaison with central laboratories
    • Disposal of medical waste
    • Related supplies delivery