Products Description

popsiVCS is a Video Compliance System for dermatology / cosmetic studies

This integrated solution is installed on a android tablet to record application of skin face products and manage clinical trial mandatory data acquisition and process.

Main functionalities :

Virtual Mirror
Video recording / images
Management of the calendar and follow-up of the visits of the protocol
Administration of questionnaires
Data transmission
Access to trial documentation
Access to demonstration videos / training manual for patients

Main objectives :
Ensure that patients respect the clinical protocol
Ointment/cream: Duration of application + Location 
Medical Device (Plasma Spray ..): Compliance with the application procedure + Respect of the duration
Transmission of data in real time (date and time the tablet was switched on, video duration)
Video recording (very low bit rate) available for tablet recovery at the end of the study


The solution is totally securized with a deep management of devices with the ability to remotely erase all data.

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