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POPSI CUBE opening a new office in China PDF Imprimer Envoyer

Paris, France (October 30, 2014)
POPSI CUBE, a leading provider of clinical research services and new eHealth technologies today announced that it is opening a new office in N.666 High Tech Avenue, Biolake, Sino-french centre 430075, Wuhan, Hubei, China, to better meet the needs of our clients.
Plans to develop operations in Wuhan China were initiated by numerous market stimuli. It's projected that the $180 billion Chinese pharmaceutical market will surpass the Japanese market by 2015, becoming the second-largest in the world behind the US. But to do business in China, US pharmaceutical manufacturers and their key executives must have a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the China Food and Drug Administration’s clinical trial regulations. This new office will be the fifth office of Popsi Cube Group.
POPSI CUBE already offer its clients in Europe, North America, North Africa and China high quality and innovative clinical research services. This new office will allow POPSI CUBE to help Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies to extend their operations in Europe and USA, and to allow European and US companies to register their pharmaceutical products or Medical devices in China.
Popsi Cube has recently acquired “Mission TEC” a company based in Toulouse, France. Mission TEC is the French leader in providing clinical trial support for patient recruitment & retention solutions with over 50 research nurses all over France. For more information about Mission TEC, visit its website at
“The opening of POPSI CUBE’s new Wuhan office is an important step towards realizing our goals to make the company more and more global,” said Fabrice Beauchêne, Founder and Chairman Popsi Cube Group. “The new office will be the second important change for the company in 2014 after the acquisition of Mission TEC.”
The Pharmaceutical and Medtech Industry has recently undergone numerous challenges. POPSI CUBE has been involved in Clinical Research since July 2004. It has been selected recently to participate in two collaborative European research programs on medical algorithms using biocaptors. Popsi Cube is known for providing custom-tailored clinical research services and innovative electronic data capture solution (e.g. Popsipen® : Digital Pen and Paper solution for eCRf or ePRO).
Special Thanks
The opening of this office will not be feasible without the help of :
Dr Gregoire PREVOST, CEO of CIPREVO and Chairman of the Sino-French Oncology School
Pr Jianfeng LIU Huazhong University of Science and Technology
The Consulate General of France in Wuhan:
Mr Philippe-max MARTINET Consul general,
Mr Marc BONDIOU Counsellor for sciences and technology;
Ms Qin HUANG Associate Head of Regional Economic Service.

Founded in July 2004, POPSI CUBE is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) providing distinctive and innovative dual expertise by combining clinical research implementation with the development of customized IT applications specific to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s mission is to perform high quality and efficient clinical research. POPSI CUBE currently serves clients in Europe, North America, North Africa and now in China. For more information about POPSI CUBE, visit its website at